Monday, June 13, 2011

Everyday Is An Adventure

everyday is an adventure... looking for the prize that awaits is what makes it so, not whether I actually find something. it makes no difference whether I'm 'at work' or 'at play'... with the right attitude and approach, it's all play... deadly serious play at times, but play non-the-less... what is the prize you ask? the answer might surprise you... make no mistake, I love my toys, but I value 'things' far less than I value experiences... but as far as what I consider to be the prize, it could be anything, tangible or intangible, it really doesn't matter, but high on the list are new insights, new understanding, danger, creativity, uncontrollable laughter, passion, romance, the list is as long as I have days to live... for when I experience these things I am not just existing, I am truly living... but the prize comes not from taking one of these as a grape plucked from a vine, leaving it less than it once was, but instead, upon finding the opportunity, giving the experience as a gift freely offered and shared... for in seeking the opportunity with the knowledge, skill, and confidence of a man, yet searching for it with abandonment, excitement, anticipation, and boyish wonder, I'm already wrapped up in the adventure...

I wonder what journey today holds? I'm off to find out...

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