Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fall (update)

On July 8, 2008, I had an accident. Three years ago... After tripping on the carpet and doing a 360 degree spin, I fell down our stairs. I fell from the landing 9 stairs above the floor, to the wood floor below without touching anything in between. Yeah, ouch. I broke lots of bones. All of the ribs on my left side, my left shoulder in 3 places, the left collarbone in 3 places, and my right wrist. I also hit my head extremely hard, causing the retina of one eye to bleed and requiring surgery. Slamming my head violently into the floor didn't help matters. I had several MRI's to rule out any damage to my brain. (ok I heard that)

For a while, I was really out of it, and my bg numbers were basically high all the time. The drugs I was on played havoc with my glucose levels, and I wasn't in a place to do much about it for a month or two. Ultimately, though, when something like this happens, you pretty much have two choices. Give in and stagnate, or get to work. I was very fortunate to have wonderful people around to help me, and so after many months of basic healing and therapy, I began working pretty hard to get healthy and strong again, and which is why I still tweet about working out so much, it's a part of my continued recovery, and it makes me feel good.

The process started by getting a 'vacuum seal cover' for the right-arm cast so I could get in the pool and move around with the buoyancy of the water to help me. A few months later I got on an insulin pump, and began to try my best to eat really well and work out on a regular basis. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I am finally getting close to the place I want to be. I'm a little over 6'1". My starting weight was around 247. Weight as of today was 192, where I've been for almost two years. My current goal is somewhere around 185. I'm not too concerned with the weight though, most importantly I just want to be fit and continue to feel good. So far so good. 'Cause I feel great.

You have to keep a sense of humor about the things that sometimes happen to you, or at least I try to. In some of the pictures below, you will see me attempting to be funny. My daughters keep reminding me that even though I thought I was being pretty funny, in reality I was just on massive amounts of pain killers, and EVERYTHING seemed funny to me, but, uh, of course, not to them. They were 15 and 17 at the time. Side note: nothing has changed about that situation, minus the pain killers lol.

Here are some pictures from that period showing my progress. The pics start with me in our swimming pool a few days before the fall, a few pictures showing an "extremely stoned on painkillers" me. Look at my eyes, they're a dead give away ha ha (I don't remember taking ANY of these) Finally, there are a few post recovery.

In all of this, there's one thing I've learned... if I can do it, we all can... There is NOTHING a person with d can't do, if they want to. It's in our DNA, in all different ways. Each of us have unique gifts and unique strengths, as well as weaknesses. But as we work together, and support each other through the DOC, We Can Do It!

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